Exam Application Form Fill Up Notice (MBS 1st Semester)

As per the notice by TU, Faculty of Management, Examination Controller Office, it is notified to all the students of Master of Business Studies (MBS) admitted in 2022 AD (MBS 1st Sem. Regular Examinee) and the students admitted before 2022 AD (Partial Examinee) for examinations form fill up which is going to be held in the third week of Sharawan, 2080.


  1. Regular Students should attach the photocopy of MBS-CMAT-2022 passed score card and partial students should attach the Grade Sheet of MBS 1st semester with exam application form.
  2. Students securing the grade- fail (F) and absent (Abs.) in 1st semesters’ examinations  only can involve as a partial examinee.
  3. Application form submission deadline: 2080/03/22