Research Management Cell (RMC)

Asst. Prof. Chet Narayan Sapkota
Research Management Cell
M.Phil, MA, B.Ed.
Kawasoti-3, Nawalparasi (East of Bardaghat Susta)

About Madhyabindu Journal

The Madhyabindu Journal is an interdisciplinary journal of language, literature, and management published by the Madhyabindu Multiple Campus’ Research Management Cell (RMC). It is an excellent platform, for individuals taking part in campus-wide scholarly endeavors. The goal of MMC’s Research Management Cell is to publish current, excellent, and original research papers together with appropriate and insightful evaluations. As a result, the publication aims to be dynamic, interesting, and approachable while yet being demanding and integrative. The journal will publish multidisciplinary research in each issue. The double-blind peer review procedure for the journal is used to all multidisciplinary papers. The topics covered by the articles are vary from finance and management to public health to language and literature, teaching methods, and instructional materials. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the numerous researchers who provided articles and to those who reviewed them for us. To improve the quality of the journal in the upcoming volumes and issues, the editorial board will take into consideration all helpful observations, recommendations, and comments. Without a doubt, any articles you desire to submit-individually or jointly without paying any money, will be greatly appreciated and significantly contribute to the journal’s early growth and success. We appreciate your support of the Journal and send our best wishes.

Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi (Former VC, Far western University)
Prof. Dr. Dilli Raj Sharma (Dean, Faculty of Management, T.U.)
Prof. Dr. Mahananda Chalise, (Director, SOM,TU)
Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, Ph.D. (Asst. Campus Chief, Madhyabindu Multiple Campus)
Mukti Ram Pandey (Former Campus Chief Madhyabindu Multiple Campus)
Dhanapati Koirala, Ph.D.(Associate Professor, MMC)

Editorial Board Members
Asst. Prof. Chet Narayan Sapkota
Asst. Prof. Rishi Kanta Parajuli
Asst. Prof. Ramesh G.C.
Lecturer Mahadev Devkota

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