Head of Program (HOP)

Head of Program (HOP)

1) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Shre Krishna Thapa (Head of BBA Program)

Designation: Teaching Assistant
Type of Tenure: Permanent
Department: Head of Marketing & Management Department
Qualification: M. Phil, MBS
Contact: 9857041508
Email: vinnata117@gmail.com


2) Master of Business Studies (MBS)
Ramesh G.C. (Head of MBS Program)
Subject Specialized: Finance
Designation: Lecturer
Type of Tenure: Permanent
Department: Account & Finance, 
Qualification: M. Phil, MBS
Contact: 9857040361
Email: gcramesh051@gmail.com


3) Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology (BICTE)

Name : Aabiskar Sigdel  
Subject Specialized: Computer Science (Head of BICTE Program)
Designation: Teaching Assistant (BICTE Program Head)
Type of Tenure: Contract
Department: Account, Finance & Computer
Qualification: M.Ed. ICT, B.Ed.
Contact: 9857040860
Email: abi.sigdel@gmail.com