Provision of Scholarship

  • At least 3% Scholarship in accordance with admission numbers of students total  tuition fees.
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial Scholarship.
  • Late Bimal  Raj Acharya Memorial Scholarship
  • Late Santosh Neupane Memorial Scholarship
  • Bhagawati Shrestha Scholarship
  • Pushpa Sarada Intelligent Scholarship
  • Prem Kumar Yamkala Intelligent Scholarship
  • Chandra Raj Laxmi Devi Scholarship
  • Shiva Kabita Scholarship
  • Hem Parbati Scholarship
  • Late Shiva Prasad Lamsal Scholarship
  • Naresh Sharada Scholarship 
  • Laxmi Venkatesh Memorial Scholarship
  • Bhupal Jaisara Memorial Scholarship
  • Kshitiz Kunwar Memorial Scholarship
  • Girdhari Keshari Scholarship – 2078
  • Majhilal Tharu Thanet Scholarship – 2079
  • Devilal Ramadevi Scholarship – 2079


MMC provides Scholarship to

  • Genuine or poor students
  • Students of minority, Marginalized group
  • Children of Martyrs.
  • Dalit (At leaset 6 months tuition fee to the students in Bachelor level in Annual Program), all the students under this criteria satisfy the requirements.


Merit Basic Scholarship

TU (Annual System)

GPA Scholarship Scheme
3.6 and Above 100% Annual Management & Tuition Fee
3.4 and Above 100% Annual Management & 25% Tuition Fee
3.2 and Above 75% Annual Management Fee
3.0 and Above 100% Entrance Fee
2.8 and above 75% Entrance Fee
2.6 and above 50% Entrance Fee


TU (Master’s Level)

In Master’s semester program, Student’s will be provided the scholarship on the basis of CMAT score result, internal evaluation and University result. (According to Dean Office)
: Higher scorer in every annual examinations and highest scorer in previous level are awarded with 2000 in cash as well as faculty and level topper are negotiated with Rs.4000 in cash similarly, three genuine students of different internal examination of difficult faculties and level will be awarded with 1500, 1200 & 1000 in cash respectively.