PRT visit form UGC

University Grants Commission Nepal
Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (EQAAC)
The Peer Review Team’s Quality Assessment of Madhyabindu Multiple Campus


  • Prof. Dr. Keshar Jung Baral – Team Leader
  • Prof. Dr. Ranjana Gupta – Member
  • Staff Member – Member


  Day 1: (October 11, 2022) Tuesday
Welcome by Campus Chief

Prof. Ganesh Man Giri

Presentation by SAT Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal

Remarks by PRT Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Keshar Jung Baral

Closing of Opening Session by CMC Chairperson

Mr. Jiwan Shrestha

Tour of the Institution


  Day 2: (October 12, 2022) Wednesday
Interaction with Students
Interaction with Faculty Members
Interaction with the HODs and Academic Leaders
Interaction with Alumni


  Day 3: (October 13, 2022) Thursday
Interaction with Community, Parents/ Guardian
Meeting with the Campus Chief
Interaction with the CMC