MBS: (Master of Business Studies)

Master of Business Studies (MBS) is a two year (four semester) program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. This is one of the most sought degrees in Nepal and every year large number of students gets enrolled in this program. The courses structure of the MBS has been divided into core courses, specialization and thesis writing for giving students comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter from different perspectives. Moreover, the course also aims to make students up to date with the modern practices and changes in the field of business studies. The course is designed in order to develop skills in students for being able to take higher level managerial position in private and public sectors.


Objectives of Master Business Studies 

The main objectives of Master of Business Studies course of Tribhuvan University are as follows:

  • The course aims to provide solid foundation of conceptual and theoretical knowledge of management and business, its functions and areas combined with technical knowledge and applications along with good communication skills.
  • The course aims to impart students willing to enter in the business field, the necessary knowledge and ideas of business and business world.
  • MBA aims to develop the capacity in students to use business studies knowledge in practice and obtain analytical and visionary skills to make conversant decisions while dealing with wide range of management issues.
  • It aims to develop research skills in students and motivate students in the lifelong learning and professional development in the field of management and business studies.  

Admission Requirement in Master of Business Studies
1. Eligibility Condition for Admission for MBS program The student applying for admission to to MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS program or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University 2. Admission Test The Faculty of Management (FOM) shall conduct a Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS level. Students eligible for MBS programme must sit in the CMT in order to qualify to apply for admission to the campuses offering the MBS programme. The FOM shall issue a score-sheet to each student appearing in the CMAT. The test carries a full marks of 100 and it must be completed within 90 minutes. Test Contents: There are 100 test items. The test covers five sections. The details of the test are as follows:

Entrance exam:

  • Students joining MBS program in Tribhuvan University or educational institutions affiliated to TU should pass entrance exam.
  • The Faculty of Management (FoM) under Tribhuvan University conducts Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS level entrance exam.
  • The test carries full marks: 100 and time duration: 90 minutes
  • Total question: 100
  • Verbal Ability: 20 marks, Quantitative Technique: 20 marks Logically Answering: 20 marks, General Knowledge: 20 and Business and economics: 20 marks.
  • Merit list is published after the entrance exam and admission is done as per the merit list published.


Curricular structure

First Year – First Semester

  1. MKT 511: Marketing Management  Credit Hours: 3  
  2. ECO 512: Managerial Economics  Credit Hours: 3
  3. MSC 514: Statistical Methods  Credit Hours: 3
  4. MGT 515: Organizational Behavior  Credit Hours: 3
  5. MGT 519: Managerial Communication  Credit Hours: 3

First Year – Second Semester

  1. ACC 517: Management Accountancy Credit Hours: 3  
  2. FIN 510: Financial Management Credit Hours: 3  
  3. MGT 513: Human Resource Management Credit Hours: 3  
  4. MGT 518: Business Environment Credit Hours: 3  
  5. MSC 517: Production and Operations Management Credit Hours: 3  

Second Year – Third Semester 

Compulsory Subject

  1. ACC 519: Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decisions and Control Credit hours: 3
  2. MGT 524: Entrepreneurship Credit hours: 3
  3. MSC 521: Research Methodology Credit hours: 3
  4. MGT 522: International Business Credit hours: 3

Specialization Course (Any One from Group A)


FIN 688: Corporate Finance Credit hours: 3


ACC 685: Corporate Taxation Credit hours: 3


MKT 691: Advertising and Promotion Management Credit hours: 3


Second Year – Fourth Semester 

Compulsory Subject MGT 523: Strategic Management


Specialization Courses (Any Two from Group B)


FIN 685: Financial Markets and Institutions Credit hours: 3

FIN 689: Investment Management Credit hours: 3



MKT 685: Consumer Behavior Credit hours: 3

MKT 690: Services Marketing Credit hours: 3



ACC 688: Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting Credit hours: 3

ACC 689: Management Control Systems Credit hours: 3


Scope and Career Prospects

Good managers are treasure to every organization in this business oriented world. Business is one of the key aspects of human civilization. A good management and knowledge of business studies is required to run any organization efficiently. In this scenario, MBS graduates having knowledge of business studies have very lucrative career prospects. In fact business is that field which provides you name, fame, money and power. MBS graduates can work in various positions like business managers, administrator, accountant, financial officers, marketing officers, analyst etc. in banks, small and big corporate houses, hospitals and hotels, factories and industries, schools and universities, etc. Every year large numbers graduates are hired by these organizations as per their academic and professional qualifications. You can also get jobs as writer, teacher, academician, researcher, editor, journalist, etc. concerned with business. There is also scope to be university lecturer, government officer, business adviser, director, etc. after the graduation. This degree has good scope in the developed countries where graduates have dual opportunity to learn and earn.