Campus Staff

S.N. Designation  Name of Emplyoee  Subject Specialized  Experiences Type of Tenure Department Qualification Contract No.
 1 Campus Chief  Mukti Ram Pandey  Maths  15 Yrspic_chairman  Permanent  Education  Masters’ Degree  9857029305
2 Asst. Campus Chief Bishnu Prasad Lamsal Finance  10 Yrs  Permanent  Management  Masters’ Degree  9857040010
3 Lecturer Ganesh Man Giri Curriculum  12 Yrs  Permanent  Education  Masters’ Degree 9857040094
4  Lecturer Mukti Prasad Neupane  Account  8 Yrs  Permanent Management  Masters’ Degree 9857040028
5 Lecturer Chet Narayan Sapkota English 8 Yrs  Permanent Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9847094745
6 Lecturer Indra Prasad Bhusal Maths 10 Yrs  Temporary  Education  Masters’ Degree 9847049838
7 Lecturer Dhanapati Koirala Nepali  Temporary  Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9847094744
8 Lecturer Shiva Prasad Devkota Economics  Temporary  Management  Masters’ Degree 9857040144
9 Lecturer Surendra Bd. M.C.  English  Temporary Education  Masters’ Degree 9847094512
10 Teaching Assistant Hira Mani Sharma Health  Temporary Education  Masters’ Degree 9847073635
11 Teaching Assistant Tirtha Raj Bastakoti Population  Temporary Education  Masters’ Degree 9847094746
12 Teaching Assistant Deepak Bhandari Computer Science Temporary Management  Masters’ Degree 9857040287
13 Teaching Assistant Mukti Nath Dhakal Nepali Contract Education Masters’ Degree 9847121974
14 Teaching Assistant Rishi Kanta Parajuli Marketing   Contract  Management  Masters’ Degree 9847073167
15 Teaching Assistant Ramesh G.C. Finance  Contract  Management  Masters’ Degree 9819473905
16 Teaching Assistant Naranath Pandey Health  Contract Education  Masters’ Degree 9857040463
17 Teaching Assistant Tirtha Raj Kandel English  Contract Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9857040540
18 Teaching Assistant Keshav Pd. Ghimire Nepali  Contract  Education  Masters’ Degree 9847096946
19 Teaching Assistant Nabin Pathak Maths  Contract Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9847074025
20 Teaching Assistant Lakenath Paudel Curriculum  Contract Education  Masters’ Degree 9847073165
21 Teaching Assistant Uday Raj Sigdel Sociology  Contract Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9845220723
22 Teaching Assistant Dipak Subedi Finance  Contract  Management  Masters’ Degree 9847053413
23 Teaching Assistant Yagya Prasad Rijal Finance  Contract  Management  Masters’ Degree 9847271999
24 Teaching Assistant Madhav Bhandari Sociology  Contract Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9847271304
25 Teaching Assistant Lila Ballav Dumre Maths   Contract  Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9847377841
26 Teaching Assistant Bishnu Prasad Jaisi Economics  Contract Humanities  Masters’ Degree 9847056368
27 Teaching Assistant Sunil Pokharel Account  Contract  Management  Masters’ Degree 9847239954
28 Teaching Assistant Mahadev Devkota English  Contract Management  Masters’ Degree 9841721712
29 Teaching Assistant Giri Raj Giri English  Contract Humanities  Masters’ Degree 984735276
30 Teaching Assistant Sushil Kumar Subedi Nepali  Contract Education  Masters’ Degree 9847095174
31 Teaching Assistant  Raju Bhandari Health  Contract  Education Master’s Degree 9847056989
32 Teaching Assistant Shiva Koirala English  Contract  Management Master’s Degree 9847053403
33 Teaching Assistant Durga Prasad Neupane  English  Contract Education  Masters’ Degree 9847270333
34 Teaching Assistant Basudev Malla Finance  Contract Management Master’s Degree 9857022548
35 Teaching Assistant Pareshwar Bhurtel Health  Contract  Education Master’s Degree 9857040152
36 Teaching Assistant Padam Prasad Parajuli Economics  Contract Management Master’s Degree
37 Teaching Assistant Radha Upadhaya Business Law  Contract Management  Masters’ Degree  9847413284
38 Teaching Assistant Shree Krishna Thapa Principle Mgmt.  Contract Management  Masters’ Degree  9847006608
39  Teaching Assistant Bir Bahadur Mahato Finance  Contract  Management  Masters’ Degree  9841019740
40 Instructor Mohan Prasad Jaisi Account  Contract  Management  Masters Running  9847056240


 Administrative Staffs


S.N  Designation  Name of Employee  Subject Sepci.  Experience  Type of Tenure  Department  Qualification  Contract No.
1 Asst. Administrator Pashupati Pokharel Account 7 Yrs Permanent Administration Bachelor 9847560287
2 Asst. Accountant Shyam Chawai Finance 5 Yrs Temporary Senior Accountant Bachelor 9857040299
3 Office Assistant Yam Narayan Chalise Account 5 Yrs Temporary Examination HSEB 9847014075
 4  Assistant Yam Kumari Paudel Account 1 Yrs Contract Library Bachelor 9847074037
5 Lab Assistant Bishnu Paudel Computer 1 Yrs Contract Computer Lab HSEB 9847127639
6 Office Helper Chhetra Bdr Ghimire  –  – Contract  Administration  – 9847045276
7 Office Helper Dambar Bdr. Nepal  –  – Contract  Administration  – 9811526223
8 Sweeper Maya Devi Paudel  –  – Daily Wage  –



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